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Ion And Electric Field

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492 pages

Potassium Ion Channels, Molecular Structure, Function, and Diseases

Creator: Yoshihisa Kurachi, Lily Yeh Jan, Michel Lazdunski | Medical - 1999-04-23

Unfortunately, the additional mutation resulted in a protein that was unable to fold and assemble properly, leaving the issue unresolved. VI. MOVEMENT OF THE VOLTAGE SENSOR IN THE TRANSMEMBRANE ELECTRIC FIELD The finding that a residue ...

Publisher: Academic Pr

About this book
This book is the first to focus on potassium ion channels and covers the recent remarkable progress made in research on these proteins. Many diseases are caused by the abnormalities of potassium ion channels. They include diabetes mellitus, life-threatening hereditary cardiac arrhythmia, epilepsy, neural degeneration, and renal hypertension. Written by leading scientists in the field, this volume offers readers a comprehensive update of this field in the understanding of the genes, molecular structure, function and diseases of potassium ion channels.Key Features* The first comprehensive volume on potassium ion channels in all aspects of genes, molecular structure, function, and diseases* Completely up-to-date information* Written by leading scientists in the field

Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging

Creator: Holger Pettersson, David J. Allison, Donald Resnick, Gustav Konrad von Schulthess, Hans Ringertz, Ingvar Andersson (M.D.), NICER Institute | 1999

In COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY (CT)1, the gantry contains the X-RAY TUBE' and DETECTOR' assembly, provides the motion required ... At low values of the electric field, the ELECTRONS' and IONS' created by the incident radiation simply drift to ...

350 pages

Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Creator: Gary Alan Eiceman, Zeev Karpas | 2005-06-23

microliter amounts of sample through a pinhole orifice, the simplicity of this design is attractive for a field analyzer. This drift tube is now available as the lightweight chemical detector (Smiths Detection). Electric Field ...

Publisher: CRC

About this book
Key Developments for Faster, More Precise Detection Capabilities Driven by the demand for the rapid and advanced detection of explosives, chemical and biological warfare agents, and narcotics, ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) undergone significant refinements in technology, computational capabilities, and understanding of the principles of gas phase ion chemistry and mobility. Beginning with a thorough discussion of the fundamental theories and physics of ion mobility, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Second Editiondescribes the recent advances in instrumentation and newly pioneered applications. Divided into three sections, the first presents a history of technological developments, basic principles, theories, and other factors that govern the response in IMS. The second section describes aspects of IMS technology including sample introduction methods, draft tubes, modern methods for data analysis and display, the combination of mobility spectrometers with chromatographic methods, miniaturized IMS sensors, alternative ionization sources, and advances in computational capabilities that improved the acquisition and treatment of data. The final section emphasizes rapidly developing and exciting applications of IMS. The section is subdivided into existing, proven and potential applications encompassing the traditional forensic, military, and counter-terrorism applications and the now well-developed methods for detect biological agents and characterizing bio-molecules. It also highlights other applications found in clinical and environmental venues and await further development. This new edition of Ion Mobility Spectrometryoffers a lucid and complete analysis of the technological and contextual developments surrounding the chemistry, instrumentation and growing number of applications of IMS that incorporate and depend upon the latest innovations in the field.

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