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Ion And Electric Field

Ion And Electric Field Detector Assembled - Bookshelf

251 pages

Novel Mass Spectrometric Methodologies for in Situ Detection of Hazardous Chemical and Biological Agents


Ions ejected from the RIT were detected using the DeTech detector assembly noted above, which was equipped with an electron ... The solved electric field was exported and converted into a field array file, which was used by ITSIM 6. 0 beta ...

Publisher: ProQuest

About this book
Mass spectrometry, widely recognized for its high speed, specificity and sensitivity as well as applicability in the analysis of a broad range of samples, is playing an even-increasingly important role in a broad range of applications. The objectives of the projects described in this thesis research are to develop novel mass spectrometric methodologies for in situ detection of hazardous chemical and biological agents. The first project described is the development and characterization of novel linear ion trap mass analyzers based on the rectilinear geometry. Such mass analyzers consist of either four or six planar electrode and employ pure RF voltages (or with supplementary DC voltages) for two dimensional ion trapping. The structure simplicity makes these devices particularly significant for the development of miniaturized ion trap mass spectrometers. The second project described is the discovery of new ion/molecule reactions and the associated implementation via ambient ionization techniques desorption atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (DAPCI) and desorption electrospray ionization (DESI), for the specificity enhancement in in situ detection of nitroaromatic explosives and organophosphonates. Such additional specificity is especially valuable for in situ chemical hazard detection since complex mixtures are necessarily examined. The third project described is the application of DESI to profile fresh intact microorganisms. This study demonstrates the possibility of performing in situ identification, including sub-species differentiation of microbiological agents by using DESI-MS. The lack of sample treatment and the known sensitivity of the DESI experiment represent progress toward rapid in situ mass spectrometric identification of biological threats. Future directions should include integration of ambient ionizations to miniaturized mass spectrometers, to produce a versatile portable device for in situ detection of chemical and biological threats.

531 pages

The SOHO Mission

Creator: Bernhard Fleck, Vicente Domingo, Arthur I. Poland | Science - 2012-12-06

The value of VH determines the maximum ion energy that can be deflected by the electric field, but does not affect the mass resolution. ... This is accomplished with a combination of microchannel plate (MCP) detectors and a thin carbon foil at the entrance to the HMRS electric-field region. ... As the ions leave the foil they also produce secondary electrons that are deflected to a “Start” MCP assembly that ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA to study the Sun, from its deep core to the outer corona, and the solar wind. To achieve its scientific goals it carries a complement of twelve sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments. Three helioseismology instruments are expected to provide unique data for the study of the structure and dynamics of the solar interior, from the very deep core to the outermost layers of the convection zone. A set of five complementary remote sensing instruments, consisting of EUV and UV imagers, spectrographs and coronagraphs, will give us our first comprehensive view of the outer solar atmosphere and corona, leading to a better understanding of the enigmatic coronal heating and solar wind acceleration processes. Finally, three experiments will complement the remote sensing observations by making in-situ measurements of the composition and energy of the solar wind and charged energetic particles. This volume contains detailed descriptions of all the twelve instruments on board SOHO. Also included are an overview paper and a description of the SOHO ground system, science operations and data products. The aim of these papers is to make the broader scientific community, and in particular potential guest investigators, aware of the scientific objectives and capabilities of the SOHO payload and to provide a reference document for the various instruments.

418 pages

Ion Beams in Materials Processing and Analysis

Creator: Bernd Schmidt, Klaus Wetzig | Technology & Engineering - 2012-12-13

the high electric field (1–20 kV cmÀ1), the transit time is extremely short (pulse duration % 0.2 ns, response time < 200 ps); (2) insensitivity to magnetic ... However, MCPs also have limitations in application to ion beam detection: (1) limitations on count rate and linearity in the pulse mode due to the inherent ... The detector assembly consists of a power supply to two electrodes in a chamber filled with gas.

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
A comprehensive review of ion beam application in modern materials research is provided, including the basics of ion beam physics and technology. The physics of ion-solid interactions for ion implantation, ion beam synthesis, sputtering and nano-patterning is treated in detail. Its applications in materials research, development and analysis, developments of special techniques and interaction mechanisms of ion beams with solid state matter result in the optimization of new material properties, which are discussed thoroughly. Solid-state properties optimization for functional materials such as doped semiconductors and metal layers for nano-electronics, metal alloys, and nano-patterned surfaces is demonstrated. The ion beam is an important tool for both materials processing and analysis. Researchers engaged in solid-state physics and materials research, engineers and technologists in the field of modern functional materials will welcome this text.

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